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Chevrolet Advance Design: Quiz


Question 1: ________ automatic transmission is available for the first time.
Turbo-HydramaticTorque converterHydramaticAutomobile

Question 2: While ________ used this front end, and to a slightly lesser extent the cab, on all of its trucks except for the Cab Overs, there are three main sizes of this truck.
Motors Liquidation CompanyChryslerGeneral MotorsGeneral Motors Chapter 11 reorganization

Question 3: 1950 - Telescopic ________ replace lever-action type.
AutomobileShock absorberCar handlingSuspension (vehicle)

Question 4: 1955 First Series - Identical to the 1954 model year, except redesigned hood-side emblems and modern open ________ in place of enclosed torque tube.
Transmission (mechanics)Differential (mechanical device)Automobile layoutDrive shaft


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