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Question 1: Chess's international governing body is ________ (Fédération Internationale des Échecs).
CyprusFIDE Federations RankingsAzerbaijanFIDE

Question 2: In 1975, however, Fischer refused to defend his title against Soviet ________ when FIDE refused to meet his demands, and Karpov obtained the title by default.
Boris SpasskyGarry KasparovAnatoly KarpovMikhail Tal

Question 3:
Who played Doctor the movie Chess?
Per Myrberg
Salim Kumar
Kalasala Babu
Tommy Körberg

Question 4:
Who played Sarath the movie Chess?
Anders Ekborg
Tommy Körberg

Question 5:
Who played Domaren, Jean Jacques van Boren the movie Chess?
Per Myrberg
Tommy Körberg
Rolf Skoglund

Question 6:
What role did Per Myrberg play in the movie Chess?
Alexander Molokov
Anatolij Sergievskij
Unni Krishnan

Question 7:
Who played Freddie Trumper the movie Chess?
Ashish Vidyarthi
Anders Ekborg
Salim Kumar

Question 8:
What role did Tommy Körberg play in the movie Chess?
Anatolij Sergievskij
Alexander Molokov
Vijay Krishnan

Question 9:
What role did Baburaj play in the movie Chess?
Domaren, Jean Jacques van Boren
Freddie Trumper

Question 10: The presence of computers and modern communication tools have also raised concerns regarding ________ during games, most notably the "bathroom controversy" during the 2006 World Championship.

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