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Cherry Springs State Park: Quiz


Question 1: The first settlers were ________ nomadic hunters known from their stone tools.
Paleo-IndiansIndigenous Amerindian geneticsPre-Columbian eraClovis culture

Question 2: Surrounding communities sit in deep valleys, so the intervening terrain screens much of the light they produce; the park has no artificial ________ in any direction.
SkyglowLight-emitting diodeBortle Dark-Sky ScaleLight pollution

Question 3: Other animals present in the park and forest include chipmunks, Minks, Raccoons, Porcupines, Groundhogs, and the occasional ________, as well as frogs, beetles, and moths.
CougarGray WolfBobcatCoyote

Question 4: A ________ has been proposed on a site 13.7 miles (22.0 km) from the park.
Wind farmWind power in the European UnionWind powerWind power in the United States

Question 5: The ends of the pavilion are built from log walls with white chinking, like ________.
NorwayScotch-Irish AmericanLog cabinDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 6: [40] Two major rock formations are present in Cherry Springs State Park, both at least partly from the ________ period.
CarboniferousOrdovicianDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 7: The ________ marked the gradual transition to semi-permanent villages and horticulture, between 1000 BC and 1500 AD.
Mound builder (people)Marksville cultureHopewell traditionWoodland period

Question 8: [2] ________ will also attract a crowd and the Aurora Borealis can be seen from the park.
LeonidsMeteor showerHalley's CometComet

Question 9: ________ (Cameron and Potter Counties)
Sinnemahoning State ParkBlack Moshannon State ParkPoe Valley State ParkKettle Creek State Park

Question 10: Cherry Springs is generally fog-free and its latitude puts it in excellent position to observe the ________ of the Milky Way.
Leo I (dwarf galaxy)Galactic CenterLarge Magellanic CloudCanis Major Dwarf Galaxy

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