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Question 1: [7] While most Chenin blanc is produced as a varietal wine, up to 20% of ________ and Sauvignon blanc are permitted in wines with the basic Anjou, Saumur and Touraine designations.
Cabernet SauvignonChardonnayChilean wineRiesling

Question 2: Chenin wines produced from noble rot will often have notes of peaches and ________ that develop into barley sugar, marzipan and quince as they age.
European honey beeHoney beeHoneyBeekeeping

Question 3: Chenin blanc is found planted throughout Mexico and South America, though for many years plantings in Mexico, Argentina, ________ and Uruguay were confused for Pinot Blanc.
East TimorBrazilPortugalMozambique

Question 4: Chenin blanc can be a very versatile player in ________ but the wide range of wine styles needs to be taken into account.
ChardonnayCabernet SauvignonWine and food matchingMerlot

Question 5: The variety was most likely introduced to the country in the collection of vine cuttings sent to Jan van Riebeeck by the ________.
Dutch West India CompanyFrench East India CompanyDutch East India CompanyDutch Empire

Question 6: For most of its ________, the grape was considered as "workhouse variety" that could be used anonymously in bulk and jug wine blends.
History of California wineWashington wineAmerican wineTexas wine

Question 7: In the 1970s, plantings of Chenin blanc in the Loire was uprooted in favor of the more fashionable red ________ and white Sauvignon blanc as well as the easier to grow Gamay.
Chilean wineCabernet FrancChardonnayWine

Question 8: The aromas and flavor notes of Chenin blanc often include the descriptors of minerally, greengage, angelica and ________.
BeekeepingHoney beeHoneyEuropean honey bee

Question 9: Its high acidity means it can be used to make everything from sparkling wines to well-balanced ________, although it can produce very bland, neutral wines if the vine's natural vigor is not controlled.
Ice wineFortified wineDessert wineStraw wine

Question 10: The French ampelographer Pierre Galet has theorized that Chenin blanc originated in the ________ region sometime in the 9th century and from there traveled to Touraine by at least the 15th century.
Sparkling wineLoire Valley (wine)Chenin blancAnjou wine


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