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Chemotaxis: Quiz


Question 1: If one watches a bacterium swimming in a uniform environment, its movement will look like a ________ with relatively straight swims interrupted by random tumbles that reorient the bacterium.
Random walkGroup theoryMathematicsGroup (mathematics)

Question 2: ________ belong to a special class of cytokines.
Fas ligandCD154B-cell activating factorChemokine

Question 3: ________, insulin, vasoactive peptides) also elicit migration of the cell.
L-DOPAMetabolismAmino acid synthesisAmino acid

Question 4: There appear to be mechanisms by which an external chemotactic gradient is sensed and turned into an intracellular PIP3 gradient, which results in a gradient and the activation of a signaling pathway, culminating in the polymerisation of ________ filaments.

Question 5: This class of receptors is huge, representing a significant portion of the ________.

Question 6: The characteristic chemoattractant effect of LTB4 is induced via G-protein linked seven-transmembrane spanning leukotriene receptors which are highly expressed in inflammation and ________.
Graft-versus-host diseaseAnaphylaxisHypersensitivityAllergy

Question 7: As the signal from the receptor induces demethylation of the receptor in a ________, the system is continuously adjusted to environmental chemical levels, remaining sensitive for small changes even under extreme chemical concentrations.
FeedbackPositive feedbackControl theoryCybernetics

Question 8: CheB, when activated by CheA, acts as a methylesterase, removing methyl groups from glutamate residues on the ________ side of the receptor.
CytosolMetabolismMitochondrionCell (biology)

Question 9: The mechanism by which ________ cells chemotax is quite different from that in bacteria; however, sensing of chemical gradients is still a crucial step in the process.

Question 10: The signals from these receptors are transmitted across the plasma membrane into the ________, where Che proteins are activated.
Cell (biology)MitochondrionMetabolismCytosol


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