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Question 1: In ________ sensation, the tongue is composed of 5 different taste buds: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and savory.
TasteOlfactionGustatory systemSense

Question 2: neurons in the vomeronasal organ that detect ________

Question 3: The chemoreceptor trigger zone is an area of the medulla in the brain that receives inputs from ________-borne drugs or hormones, and communicates with the vomiting center.
Blood plasmaPlateletRed blood cellBlood

Question 4: Within the biological and medical disciplines, recent discoveries have noted that primary ________ in many types of cells within eukaryotes serve as cellular antennae.

Question 5: They also sense increases in ________ partial pressure and decreases in arterial pH, but to a lesser degree than for O2.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sink

Question 6: Chemoreceptors in the medulla oblongata, carotid arteries and aortic arch, detect the levels of ________ in the blood, in the same way as applicable in the Breathing Rate section.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleCarbon sinkGreenhouse gas

Question 7: Chemoreceptors detect the levels of ________ in the blood.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon dioxideCarbon sink

Question 8: ________ and aortic bodies detect changes primarily in oxygen.
Carotid bodyGlomus cellCirculatory systemVasodilation

Question 9: A chemosensor, also known as chemoreceptor, is a sensory receptor that transduces a chemical signal into an ________.
Action potentialNeuronPhotoreceptor cellIon channel


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