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Chemical structure: Quiz


Question 1: Molecular geometry refers to the spatial arrangement of ________ in a molecule and the chemical bonds that hold the atoms together.

Question 2: A chemical structure includes molecular geometry, electronic structure and crystal structure of a ________.
Inorganic chemistryChemistryElectrochemistryChemical compound

Question 3: Structural determination in chemistry is the process of determining the chemical structure of ________.
Inorganic chemistryElectrochemistryChemical compoundMaterials science

Question 4: Molecular geometry can range from the very simple, such as diatomic oxygen or nitrogen molecules, to the very complex, such as protein or ________ molecules.

Question 5: Electronic structure describes the occupation of a compound's ________.
Hartree–Fock methodMolecular orbital theoryElectron configurationMolecular orbital

Question 6: [1] The methods by which one can determine the structure of a molecule is by various methods of spectroscopy, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared spectroscopy and ________, electron microscopy, and x-ray crystallography (x-ray diffraction).
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyResonance Raman spectroscopyEmission spectrumRaman spectroscopy

Question 7: ________, quantitative structure-affinity relationship
Drug discoveryDrug designQuantitative structure-activity relationshipPartition coefficient


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