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Question 1: ________ encompass a wide assortment of reactions involving compounds which have carbon as the main element in their molecular structure.
Organic reactionOrganocopper compoundOrganoselenium chemistryOrganoboron chemistry

Question 2: The reactions in which an organic compound may take part are largely defined by its ________.
Functional groupEthyleneAlkaneAlcohol

Question 3: The reaction between gasoline and oxygen in a car's ________ is an exothermic reaction.
EngineStirling engineDiesel engineJet engine

Question 4: Metathesis or Double displacement reaction, in which two compounds exchange ________ or bonds to form different compounds:
ElectrolyteLithium-ion batteryHalf cellIon

Question 5: ________, a kind of redox reaction in which any combustible substance combines with an oxidizing element, usually oxygen, to generate heat and form oxidized products.
FireInternal combustion engineFlameCombustion

Question 6: A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of ________ to another.
CarbonOxygenChemistryChemical substance

Question 7: The rate of a chemical reaction is a measure of how the ________ or pressure of the involved substances changes with time.
SolventSolubilityTotal dissolved solidsConcentration

Question 8: In ________, series of chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes form metabolic pathways, by which syntheses and decompositions ordinarily impossible in conditions within a cell are performed.
MetabolismAmino acidProteinBiochemistry

Question 9: [1] Chemical reactions are studied by chemists under a field of science called ________.
Periodic tableElectrochemistryInorganic chemistryChemistry

Question 10: The nearby ________ absorbs the heat released by the reaction.


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