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Chemical formula: Quiz


Question 1: A chemical formula or molecular formula is a way of expressing information about the ________ that constitute a particular chemical compound.

Question 2: Chemical formulas may be used in chemical equations to describe ________.
Chemical reactionChemistryHydrogenNitrogen

Question 3: The term empirical refers to the process of elemental analysis, a technique of ________ used to determine the relative percent composition of a pure chemical substance by element.
Mass spectrometrySpectroscopyElectrochemistryAnalytical chemistry

Question 4: Although ________ are more relevant to nuclear chemistry or stable isotope chemistry than to conventional chemistry, different isotopes may be indicated with a left-hand superscript in a chemical formula.
AtomStable nuclideIsotopeTechnetium

Question 5: However, there is a whole class of compounds, called ________, that cannot be represented by small integers.
Non-stoichiometric compoundCaesiumOxygenSolid

Question 6: A left-hand subscript is sometimes used redundantly to indicate the ________.
HafniumPeriodic tableChemical elementAtomic number

Question 7: Main article: ________
Non-stoichiometric compoundCaesiumSolidOxygen

Question 8: The chemical formula identifies each constituent element by its chemical symbol and indicates the number of atoms of each element found in each discrete ________ of that compound.

Question 9: ________ and acetic acid have the same empirical formula, CH2O.

Question 10: This is convenient when writing equations for ________, in order to show the balance of charge more clearly.
AtomNuclear fissionNeutronNuclear reaction

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