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Chemical database: Quiz


Question 1: An example is the ________ (CAS) registration system [1].
Chemical databaseChemical Abstracts ServicePubChemAmerican Chemical Society

Question 2: Small molecules (also called ________ in drug design applications), are usually represented using lists of atoms and their connections.
HSAB theoryLigandCoordination complexCrystal field theory

Question 3: All properties of molecules beyond their structure can be split up into either physico-chemical or ________ attributes also called descriptors.
Pharmaceutical drugH2 antagonistPharmacologyAntibiotic

Question 4: caloric data like ________, heat of formation and combustion,
Rammed earthSpecific heat capacityThermal massPassive solar building design

Question 5: Chemists can search databases using parts of structures, parts of their ________ names as well as based on constraints on properties.
PotassiumCarbonIUPAC nomenclatureInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Question 6: Search by matching 3D conformation of molecules or by specifying spatial constraints is another feature that is particularly of use in ________.
Enzyme inhibitorDrug designDrug discoveryQuantitative structure-activity relationship

Question 7: While physico-chemical descriptors like ________, (partial) charge, solubility, etc.
Molecular massDeuteriumAtomic massHydrogen

Question 8: Common examples include ________ and Cambridge Structural Database.
Protein structureProtein Data BankX-ray crystallographyProtein nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Question 9: These databases often include other characterization data such as FTIR and ________.
AutopsyChromatographyEnzyme assayMass spectrometry

Question 10: transport properties like viscosity and ________
Thermal conductivityAluminiumSilverCopper

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