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Chelmno extermination camp: Quiz


Question 1: From mid-July 1944, the SS and police deported the remaining inhabitants of the Łódź ghetto to ________.
Treblinka extermination campOperation ReinhardAction T4Auschwitz concentration camp

Question 2: Koppe entrusted the leadership of the special detachment deployed at Chełmno to SS Captain Herbert Lange of the Commander of Security Police and SD station in ________.

Question 3: ________ officials, often wearing white coats to induce the impression that they were physicians, explained to the deportees that they would go to Germany as laborers, but first had to bathe and have their clothes disinfected.
Waffen-SSAdolf HitlerNazi PartySchutzstaffel

Question 4: It operated three gas vans using ________.
Nitric oxideHydrogen sulfideCarbon monoxideNitrous oxide

Question 5: A few Jewish prisoners were selected from incoming transports to form a forced-labor detachment (________) of 50 to 60 men deployed at the forest camp.
Kraków GhettoJewish resistance under Nazi ruleSonderkommandoThe Holocaust

Question 6: These transports included Jews deported to Łódź from Germany, ________, Bohemia and Moravia, and Luxembourg.
AustriaHungaryPolandCzech Republic

Question 7: This article incorporates text from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and has been released under the ________.
GNU General Public LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU Free Documentation LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License

Question 8: Under the leadership of Security Police and SD officers, the rank and file of the so-called Special Detachment (Sonderkommando) Lange -- later called the SS Special Detachment Bothmann -- was made up of ________, Criminal Police, and Order Police personnel.
Adolf HitlerNazi GermanyHeinrich HimmlerGestapo

Question 9: ________
Auschwitz concentration campNeuengamme concentration campList of Nazi concentration campsThe Holocaust

Question 10: Western Allies trials : ________ •
West German trials : Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials •
Bruno StreckenbachEinsatzgruppen TrialErich von dem Bach-ZelewskiKarl Eberhard Schöngarth


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