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Chattanooga Campaign: Quiz


Question 1: In East Tennessee, Longstreet's offensive against Burnside (the Knoxville Campaign) fell apart at the ________ on November 29.
Chattanooga CampaignAmbrose BurnsideJames LongstreetBattle of Fort Sanders

Question 2: ________'s division from the base of Lookout Mountain and placing them on the far right of Missionary Ridge, just south of Tunnel Hill.
Hugh W. MercerWilliam J. HardeeJoseph E. JohnstonWilliam H.T. Walker

Question 3: At midnight the fog cleared and, under a ________, the divisions of Stevenson and Cheatham retreated behind Chattanooga Creek, burning the bridges behind them.
August 2007 lunar eclipseDecember 2009 lunar eclipseMarch 2007 lunar eclipseLunar eclipse

Question 4: The Confederates established themselves on Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, both of which had excellent views of the city, the ________ flowing through the city, and the Union's supply lines.
Tennessee RiverTennessee ValleyAlabamaEast Tennessee

Question 5: Following the defeat of Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans's Union Army of the Cumberland at the ________ in September, the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Gen.

Question 6: (Davis had suggested Longstreet for this assignment because he intended Longstreet's divisions to return to the ________ at the end of the campaign and Knoxville was on the route back to Virginia.)[26]
Army of Northern VirginiaEastern Theater of the American Civil WarBattle of GettysburgFirst Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

Question 7: After opening a supply line (the "Cracker Line") to feed his starving men and animals, Grant's army fought off a Confederate counterattack at the ________ on October 28–29, 1863.
Battle of WauhatchieChattanooga CampaignBattle of ChickamaugaJames Longstreet

Question 8: Patrick R. Cleburne, Alexander P. Stewart, ________, and Brig.
William Tecumseh ShermanCarter L. StevensonJoseph E. JohnstonBraxton Bragg

Question 9: ________'s brigade, the Union defenders formed into a V-shaped battle line, facing north and east.
Peninsula CampaignJohn BrattonChattanooga CampaignAmerican Civil War

Question 10: ________'s) traveling stealthily downriver at night to capture the gap and hills on the west bank of the Tennessee while a second brigade (Brig.
Ulysses S. GrantGeorge Henry ThomasWilliam Babcock HazenWilliam Tecumseh Sherman


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