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Chassis: Quiz


Question 1: A chassis in a television, radio, or other electronic device consists of the metal frame on which the ________ and other electronics are mounted.
Schematic captureGerber FileSurface-mount technologyPrinted circuit board

Question 2: The term "________" refers to the artistic styling of otherwise rather functional and plain computer encasings.
Mega DriveVideo game consoleHard disk driveCase modding

Question 3: A chassis (plural: "chassis") (pronounced /ˈʃæsi, ˈtʃæsi/) consists of a framework that supports a man-made object, analogous to an ________'s skeleton, for example in a motor vehicle or a firearm.

Question 4: Chassis often serve as basis for platforms on tanks, armored personnel carriers, ________, etc.
T-54/55Hobart's FunniesMilitary engineering vehiclesArmored bulldozer

Question 5: In the case of vehicles, the term chassis means the frame plus the "running gear" like engine, transmission, ________, differential, and suspension.
Drive shaftChain driveAutomobile layoutPowertrain

Question 6: A ________'s chassis (hull) comprises the bottom part of the AFV, which includes the tracks, engine, driver's seat, and crew compartment.
TankArmoured warfareArmoured fighting vehicleSelf-propelled gun

Question 7: These include motor homes, fire engines, ________, box trucks, etc.
Emergency medical dispatcherEmergency medical servicesAmbulanceParamedic


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