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Charlie X: Quiz


Question 1: Charlie X at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: First ContactTrekkieMemory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion Picture

Question 2: When confronted by Pavel Chekov (now an anarchist freedom fighter), John Harriman (now a sadistic captain of Mitchell's fleet) and ________ (who retained residual memories), he restores their memories and expresses remorse.
Hikaru SuluUhuraMontgomery ScottLeonard McCoy

Question 3: Charlie X at the ________
CDNOWBox Office MojoInternet Movie

Question 4: It was written by D.C. Fontana, with the story by ________, and directed by Lawrence Dobkin.
Star Trek: The Motion PictureStar TrekGene RoddenberryStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 5: It was repeated by ________ on June 1, 1967.
TelemundoShopNBCUniversal SportsNBC

Question 6: The design of the ship is reminiscent of the drone cargo ships (shown in Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "________") with the addition of a forward section for the Antares crew.
List of Star Trek: The Animated Series episodesThe Magicks of Megas-tuLeonard McCoyThe Slaver Weapon

Question 7: Charlie meets Rand later in the rec room, where ________ (whom Charlie latter calls Mr.
SpockLeonard McCoyJames T. KirkMontgomery Scott

Question 8: Zack Handlen of ________ gave the episode a 'B' rating.
The OnionThe A.V. ClubDenverMilwaukee

Question 9: Ears) plays a ________, and Lt.
Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek (film)Vulcan (Star Trek)Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Question 10: It was preceded a week earlier by "________" and followed a week later by "The Squire of Gothos".
The Deadly YearsReturn to TomorrowThe Immunity Syndrome (Star Trek: The Original Series)By Any Other Name


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