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Charles the Fat: Quiz


Question 1: Crowned Emperor in 881 by Pope John VIII, his succession to the territories of his brother ________ the following year reunited the entire Kingdom of the East Franks (later Germany).
Charles the FatLouis the YoungerOtto I, Holy Roman EmperorLouis the Pious

Question 2: The last to abandon him were his loyal ________, though the men of Lotharingia never seem to have formally accepted his deposition.
FranksSuebiGermanic peoplesAlamanni

Question 3: In 865, the elder Louis was forced to divide his lands amongst his heirs: Bavaria went to Carloman; Saxony (with ________ and Thuringia) went to Louis; and Alemannia (Swabia with Rhaetia) went to Charles.
Holy Roman EmpireNurembergFranconiaRhenish Franconia

Question 4: In 877, Carloman inherited Italy from their uncle ________ of West Francia.
Louis the PiousCharles the BaldCharlemagneCharles the Fat

Question 5: Granted lordship over ________ in 876 by the divisio regnorum (division) of Louis the German's kingdom, he succeeded in Italy upon the abdication of his older brother Carloman, incapacitated by a stroke.
AlamanniaAlamanniHoly Roman EmpireFrancia

Question 6: Carloman was invested with ________ as co-king.

Question 7: He was deposed in East Francia, ________, and possibly Italy, where the records are not clear, in 887.
Holy Roman EmpireLorraine (duchy)LotharingiaCharles the Fat

Question 8: Svatopluk I, ruler of ________, took up Aribo's cause and, at Kaumberg, in 884, took oaths of fidelity to Charles.
SlovakiaBratislavaHungaryGreat Moravia

Question 9: In 885, a huge fleet led by Sigfred sailed up the ________, for the first time in years, and besieged Paris.
SeineFranceLe HavreNormandy

Question 10: Charles was the youngest of the three sons of Louis the German, first ________, and Emma, a Welf.
Charles IV, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph II, Holy Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman EmperorList of German monarchs


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