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Question 1: Ben Rawson-Jones of ________ wrote that, because of Dale's portrayal, "Widmore is far from the one-dimensional bad guy, as a certain degree of humanity has shone through".
British Sky BroadcastingUnited KingdomThe Sun (newspaper)Digital Spy

Question 2: [2] He is portrayed primarily by ________ as an old man; Tom Connolly and David S.
Lost (TV series)Charles WidmoreThe X-FilesAlan Dale

Question 3: The character is first introduced in the second season finale as a wealthy industrialist, who disapproves of the relationship between his daughter and ________ (Henry Ian Cusick).
Desmond HumeLost (TV series)Lost (season 4)Lost (season 3)

Question 4: Charles Widmore is a ________ on the ABC television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific.
NovelCharacter (arts)SatirePoetry

Question 5: [18] In the season two finale "________", Charles Widmore and his daughter Penelope are introduced.
Lost (season 2)Live Together, Die AloneLost (TV series)Lost (season 3)

Question 6: Charles is opposed to ________ (Henry Ian Cusick) having a relationship with his daughter.
Lost (season 3)Desmond HumeLost (season 4)Lost (TV series)

Question 7: In 1988, he orders the execution of ________, to be carried out by Ben.
Meet Kevin JohnsonDanielle RousseauLost (season 3)Lost (TV series)

Question 8: [10] The team consists of scientific personnel — Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader), and Miles Straume (Ken Leung) — and a mercenary team led by ________ (Kevin Durand).
Martin KeamyMeet Kevin JohnsonLost (TV series)Lost (season 4)

Question 9: [3] However, Desmond inadvertently leads Ben to Penny when he visits Eloise (________).
Fionnula FlanaganAlfre WoodardKay LenzBeulah Bondi

Question 10: In 1977, Ben Linus, at the time a twelve-year-old boy living with the ________, is brought to the Others to be healed.
Dharma InitiativeLost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Lost (season 3)


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