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Charles VIII of Sweden: Quiz


Question 1: Charles's great-granddaughter ________ was married to Sten Sture the Younger whose regentship represented similar values: nationalism and Swedish independence.
StockholmKalmar UnionSwedenChristina Gyllenstierna

Question 2: Soon, Christopher's government began to take back fiefs and positions and Charles was forced to give up the ________.
Kajaani CastleHäme CastleVyborg CastleTurku Castle

Question 3: In 1434 he became member of the Privy Council of Sweden and in October of the same year he assumed one of its most senior offices, ________, or Riksmarsk.
Charles VIII of SwedenLord High Steward of SwedenLord High Constable of SwedenLord High Admiral of Sweden

Question 4: The two leaders of the revolt took the regentship, and organized the election of ________ of Denmark as king (firstly in Turku, then in Stockholm).
Christian I of DenmarkChristian II of DenmarkChristopher of BavariaJohn of Denmark

Question 5: His election as king of Sweden resulted in an effort to reestablish the ________, this time under Swedish initiative, and in 1449 he was elected king of Norway and received the coronation at Trondheim on November 20.
DenmarkUnion between Sweden and NorwayKalmar UnionDenmark–Norway

Question 6: Bridget Karlsdotter (Bonde) (1446-1469) ________ at Vadstena Abbey.
NunVenerableThe ReverendClergy

Question 7: Eric of Pomerania was forced to step down from the throne and in 1440 ________, was elected king in the Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
John of DenmarkMargaret I of DenmarkChristian I of DenmarkChristopher of Bavaria

Question 8: Charles II of Sweden, Charles I of Norway, a.k.a Karl Knutsson (Bonde), king of Sweden (1448 – 1457, 1464–1465 and from 1467 to his death in 1470); king of ________ (1449–1450).
NorwayGermanyPolandUnited States

Question 9: From 1442 he was the military governor, hövitsman, at Vyborg in ________ (margrave of Viborg).

Question 10: Charles represented a growing nationalist tendency among the Swedish aristocracy which tried first to subjugate the other Scandinavian countries under Sweden but soon focussed on dissolving the ________.
Kalmar UnionUnion between Sweden and NorwayDenmarkDenmark–Norway


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