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Question 1: Maria of Spain (1528 - 1603), who married her first cousin ________.
Maximilian II, Holy Roman EmperorMatthias, Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor have?
Bombing of the Limburg
Duke of Brabant, Limburg, Lothier and Luxembourg,
, Duke of Brabant and Lothier
Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese

Question 3:
Where did Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor die?

Question 4:
Where was Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor born?

Question 5:
Who of the following was a child of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor?
Margaret of Parma
Margaret, Duchess of Slovania
Margaret Crichton-Stuart
Princess Maria Antonia of Parma

Question 6: The first war with Charles's great nemesis ________ began in 1521.
Henry II of FranceHenry IV of FranceFrancis I of FranceHenry III of France

Question 7: France then joined the League of Cognac that the Pope had formed with ________, the Venetians, the Florentines, and the Milanese to resist imperial domination of Italy.
Charles I of EnglandHenry VIII of EnglandEdward VI of EnglandElizabeth I of England

Question 8:

Question 9:
When did Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor die?

Question 10: Aside from this, Charles is best known for his role in opposing the Protestant Reformation[1] and the convocation of the ________.
Council of ChalcedonFirst Council of NicaeaCatholic ChurchCouncil of Trent

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