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Question 1:
When was Charles II of England born?

Question 2: Diana's son, ________, second in line to the British Throne, is likely to be the first monarch descended from Charles II.
Charles, Prince of WalesPrince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince William of WalesPrince Harry of Wales

Question 3:

Question 4: Power passed to five politicians known collectively by a whimsical ________ as the CabalClifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley (afterwards Earl of Shaftesbury) and Lauderdale.
AbbreviationUnited StatesAcronym and initialismEnglish language

Question 5:
How is Charles II of England described?
Scottish lawyer and judge, and Solicitor General for Scotland
King of England, Ireland and Scotland
Nobleman, Guardian of Scotland
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

Question 6:
What is Charles II of England also known as?
Robinson, Ray Charles
Charles Stuart
Crooks, John Charles
Hallstrom Charles E.; Swedish Wonder

Question 7: [20] In the end nine of the regicides were executed:[21] they were ________; others were given life imprisonment or simply excluded from office for life.
TyburnCapital punishmentHanged, drawn and quarteredOliver Cromwell

Question 8:
Where was Charles II of England born?
St. James's Palace, London England
u017Bywiec, Poland
near Henderson, Granville County

Question 9: Charles's eldest son, the Duke of Monmouth, led a rebellion against James II, but was defeated at the ________ on 6 July 1685, captured, and executed.
Monmouth RebellionEnglandJohn Churchill, 1st Duke of MarlboroughBattle of Sedgemoor

Question 10: Bawdy "________" became a recognizable genre.
The RelapseThe Country WifeColley CibberRestoration comedy

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