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Charles-Marie Widor: Quiz


Question 1: He was the Director until 1934, when he was succeeded by ________.
Franz LisztClaude DebussyMaurice RavelNikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Question 2: This trend was not limited to France, and was reflected in Germany by the organs built by Eberhard Friedrich Walcker and the works of ________, Julius Reubke, and Max Reger.
Frédéric ChopinRichard WagnerFranz LisztHector Berlioz

Question 3: Widor was born in ________, France to a family of organ builders, and initially studied music there with his father, François-Charles Widor, titular organist of Saint-François-de-Sales from 1838 to 1889.

Question 4: In 1921, Widor founded the American Conservatory at ________ with Francis-Louis Casadesus.
Dammarie-lès-LysAvon, Seine-et-MarneFontainebleauMeaux

Question 5: These include: ten Organ Symphonies, three ________ for orchestra with organ, Suite Latine, Trois Nouvelles Pièces, and six arrangements of works by Bach under the title Bach's Memento (1925).
Symphony No. 3SymphonySymphony No. 5Symphony No. 1

Question 6: Free scores by Charles-Marie Widor in the ________
McGill UniversityEnglish languageSpanish languageInternational Music Score Library Project

Question 7: Cavaillé-Coll's organs had a much warmer sound, ideal for the homophonic style of writing that now predominated, and a vast array of stops that extended the ________ of the instrument.
TimbreOperaColoraturaChest voice

Question 8: It seems unusual to assign the term "________" to a work written for one instrument.
SymphonySymphony No. 1Symphony No. 5Symphony No. 3

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