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Question 1: ________ did not have a very different position from that of Weber's, but he stressed that a leader has charisma only if other people accept that one has it.
Pierre BourdieuSocial structureCritical theorySociology

Question 2:
What role did Charisma play in the movie The Maddams Family?
Cousin Tit

Question 3: The term charisma was introduced in scholarly usage by ________ sociologist Max Weber.
GermansGermanyEthnic GermansAustria

Question 4: Charismatic Cults on ________ in Thinking Allowed 26 January 2005 Wednesday 16.00-16.30 presented Laurie Taylor, press on "Listen Again"

Question 5: The ________ is a trend in Christianity distinguished by its belief in the renewal of supernatural gifts and powers.
Holiness movementBaptistCharismatic ChristianityCharismatic Movement

Question 6: [1] He defined ________ to be one of three forms of authority, the other two being traditional (feudal) authority and legal or rational authority.
Traditional authorityTalcott ParsonsCharismatic authorityRational-legal authority

Question 7: Yugoslav communist leader ________ was said to be a "Charismarch" – "ruler staying in power by charisma"[citation needed].
Fidel CastroCold WarJoseph StalinJosip Broz Tito

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