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Question 1: It is unknown exactly when chariot racing began, but it may have been as old as ________ themselves.
2nd millennium BCChariotAncient historyRatha

Question 2: The Romans probably borrowed chariot racing[28] from the ________, who themselves borrowed it from the Greeks, but the Romans were also influenced directly by the Greeks especially after they conquered mainland Greece in 146 BC.
Etruscan languageEtruscan originsEtruscan mythologyEtruscan civilization

Question 3: In ________ chariot races commonly took place in a circus.
Roman RepublicClassical antiquityAncient RomeRoman Empire

Question 4: Chariot racing (Greek: ἁρματοδρομία/harmatodromia, Latin: ________ circenses) was one of the most popular ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine sports.
LudiAugustusRoman RepublicImperial cult (ancient Rome)

Question 5: Today only the obelisks and the ________ stand where for centuries the spectators gathered.
Ancient GreeceGreeceGreco-Persian WarsSerpent Column

Question 6: ________ racing was often dangerous to both driver and horse as they frequently suffered serious injury and even death, but generated strong spectator enthusiasm.
2nd millennium BCRathaAncient historyChariot

Question 7: [2] The participants in this race were ________, Eumelus, Antilochus, Menelaus, and Meriones.

Question 8: Their rivalry culminated in the ________, which marked the gradual decline of the sport.
Justinian IBelisariusNika riotsByzantine Empire

Question 9: In the ________, as well as the other Panhellenic Games, the sport was one of the most important equestrian events.
Nemean GamesAncient Olympic GamesPindarDelphi

Question 10: Wearing the colours of your team became an important aspect of ________.
Clothing in the ancient worldByzantine dressEarly medieval European dressClothing in ancient Rome


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