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Question 1: The charge-coupled device was invented in 1969 at AT&T ________ by Willard Boyle and George E. Smith.
Western ElectricBell SystemAmerican Telephone & TelegraphBell Labs

Question 2: In January 2006, Boyle and Smith were awarded the ________ Charles Stark Draper Prize,[7] and in 2009 they were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics,[8] for their work on the CCD.
National Academy of EngineeringUnited States National AcademiesUnited States National Research CouncilUnited States National Academy of Sciences

Question 3: In buried channel devices, the type of design utilized in most modern CCDs, certain areas of the surface of the silicon are ________ with phosphorus, giving them an n-doped designation.
Ion implantationMaterials scienceGlassChemical vapor deposition

Question 4: They commonly respond to 70 percent of the incident light (meaning a quantum efficiency of about 70 percent) making them far more efficient than ________, which captures only about 2 percent of the incident light.
Film formatFilm speedPhotographic filmCamera

Question 5: Most common types of CCDs are sensitive to near-infrared light, which allows ________, night-vision devices, and zero lux (or near zero lux) video-recording/photography.
Digital photographyInfrared photographyDigital single-lens reflex cameraPinhole camera

Question 6: CCDs containing grids of pixels are used in ________, optical scanners, and video cameras as light-sensing devices.
Digital photographyRGB color modelDigital cameraDigital single-lens reflex camera

Question 7: The photoactive region of the CCD is, generally, an ________ layer of silicon.
GalliumEpitaxyMetalorganic vapour phase epitaxyChemical vapor deposition

Question 8: Better color separation can be reached by three-CCD devices (3CCD) and a dichroic beam splitter prism, that splits the image into red, green and ________ components.
Orange (colour)IndigoViolet (color)Blue

Question 9: The lab was working on semiconductor ________ when Boyle and Smith conceived of the design of what they termed, in their notebook, 'Charge "Bubble" Devices'.
Magnetic core memoryMagnetoresistive Random Access MemoryTwistor memoryBubble memory

Question 10: The peristaltic CCD has an additional implant that keeps the charge away from the silicon/________ interface and generates a large lateral electric field from one gate to the next.
Silicon dioxideAmethystQuartzOpal


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