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Charan: Quiz


Question 1: She is supposed to have helped Rao Bika (a ruler of Rajasthan) to occupy the territory of ________.

Question 2: Dursaji's niece the mother-goddess Karani (between 1387 and 1537) is revered as the major deity of ________ and other communities of this region.
RathoreRajputBais RajputChauhan

Question 3:
Charan, Rajput and Jat people are all:
Maldhari communities Tribal communities of Gujarat Social groups of Rajasthan Ethnic groups in India

Question 4: Historian remembers him for his boldness to sing praises of ________(an archenemy of Akbar) in the court of the Akbar[18].
MewarRorRajputPratap Singh of Mewar

Question 5:
Charan, Ahirs and Rabari are all:
Tribes of Kutch Maldhari communities Social groups of Rajasthan Tribal communities of Gujarat

Question 6: Chāraṇ (plural Charans; Hindi:चारण; Gujarati:ચારણ) is the term for a caste living in the ________ and Rajasthan states of India.

Question 7:
Charan, Ahirs and Junejo are all:
Social groups of Gujarat Social groups of Rajasthan Tribal communities of Gujarat Maldhari communities

Question 8: Charans had great influence with the ________ (a community of warriors).

Question 9: Other classifications of Charani sahitya are Khyatas (chronicles), Vartas and Vatas (stories), Raso (martial epics), ________ - Veli Krishan Rukman ri, Doha-Chhand (verses)[5][14].
CourlandLatvian mythologyProto-Indo-European religionZeus

Question 10: One Gadhavi woman practised self-immolation to save a wild ________.
European RabbitRabbitBrush RabbitHare


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