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Charadriiformes: Quiz


Question 1: The "transitional shorebirds" ("Graculavidae") are a generally ________ form taxon formerly believed to constitute the common ancestors of charadriiforms, waterfowl and flamingos.
MesozoicDinosaurGeologic time scaleCretaceous

Question 2: The ________ and their allies (or "Lari"): these are generally larger species which take fish from the sea.
Ring-billed GullAmerican Herring GullGullLarus

Question 3: Much of the ________' fossil record around the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event is made up of bits and pieces of birds which resemble this order.
Modern birdsPalaeognathaeNeognathaeEnantiornithes

Question 4: Specimen VI 9901 (López de Bertodano Formation, ________ of Vega Island, Antarctica) is probably a basal charadriiform somewhat reminiscent of a thick-knee.
Geologic time scaleMaastrichtianLate CretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

Question 5: The ________ (or "Alcae") are coastal species which nest on sea cliffs and "fly" underwater to catch fish.
Common MurreMancallinaeAukPenguin

Question 6: Charadriiformes is a diverse order of small to medium-large ________.
EnantiornithesBirdArchaeopteryxModern birds

Question 7: In many, this is probably due to ________ brought about by semi-aquatic habits.
Convergent evolutionBirdParallel evolutionCountershading

Question 8: It includes about 350 ________ and has members in all parts of the world.
EvolutionSpeciesBiological classificationLife


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