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Characters of Halo: Quiz


Question 1: [24] When IGN asked Benz what she thought of her character, she admitted she hadn't played Halo 2, even though ________ had sent her "like four copies of the game".
Xbox LiveBungieMicrosoft Game StudiosRare (company)

Question 2: Halo's characters were continually refined through development, as the company was bought by Microsoft and the platform shifted from the ________ to the Xbox.
PowerBookPower Macintosh G3MacintoshMacintosh hardware

Question 3: The cast from the machinima ________ won a lengthy charity auction for a voice role in Halo 3, and do a comedy routine which changes depending on the difficulty level the game is played on.
Red vs. BlueHalo (series)Halo: Combat EvolvedRooster Teeth Productions

Question 4: In the fiction, a flash clone of her brain tissue is the basis for the construction of the "smart" AI ________.
CortanaHalo: Combat EvolvedHalo 3Master Chief (Halo)

Question 5: While Master Chief is the hero of the trilogy, other soldiers play a significant role in the novels, ________ and the prequel game Halo Wars.
Batman: Gotham KnightImmortal Grand PrixHalo LegendsAni*Kuri15

Question 6: [46] During Ghosts of Onyx he is sealed inside the Forerunner ________ at the heart of the planet with the remaining Spartan survivors.
Space colonizationKardashev scaleDyson sphereSolar System

Question 7: [64] Non-functional replicas of the MJOLNIR armor have also been created by hobbyists;[65] a Spike TV pre-________ special profiled some of these dedicated fans.
Halo 3: ODSTHalo 2Halo 3Halo: Combat Evolved

Question 8: [104] Kotobukiya has also produced high-end figurines, retailing at about ________100.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesUnited States dollarHawaii

Question 9: Tartarus (voiced by ________) is the Chieftain of the Brutes, easily recognized by his white hair, distinctive mohawk, and massive gravity hammer known as the "Fist of Rukt".
What's New, Scooby-Doo?Kevin Michael RichardsonWolverine and the X-MenThe Super Hero Squad Show

Question 10: He does eventually convince the top members of ONI to approve his ________ Program.
Master Chief (Halo)Characters of HaloHalo (series)Halo 3

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