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Question 1: Conversely, the Chinese ________ for water ("水") may have a slightly different appearance in Japanese texts than it does in Chinese texts, and local typefaces may reflect this.
LogogramChinese characterKanjiWriting system

Question 2: Computers and communication equipment represent characters using a character encoding that assigns each character to something — an integer quantity represented by a sequence of ________, typically — that can be stored or transmitted through a network.
Character (computing)Record (computer science)BitByte

Question 3: Examples of characters include letters, ________, and common punctuation marks (such as '.' or '-').
Numerical digit0 (number)HexadecimalDecimal

Question 4: The concept also includes ________, which do not correspond to symbols in a particular natural language, but rather to other bits of information used to process text in one or more languages.
C0 and C1 control codesControl characterASCIICode page 437

Question 5: For example, the Hebrew letter aleph ("א") is often used by mathematicians to denote certain kinds of ________, but it is also used in ordinary Hebrew text.
Transfinite numberInfinityNumberLarge numbers

Question 6: In computer and machine-based telecommunications terminology, a character is a unit of information that roughly corresponds to a grapheme, grapheme-like unit, or symbol, such as in an ________ or syllabary in the written form of a natural language.
Latin alphabetGreek alphabetArabic alphabetAlphabet

Question 7: Two examples of popular encodings are ________ and the UTF-8 encoding for Unicode.
Code page 437ASCIIISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252


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