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Question 1: In his book Aspects of the novel, ________ defined two basic types of characters, their qualities, functions, and importance for the development of the novel: flat characters and round characters.
Thomas HardyD. H. LawrenceE. M. ForsterHenry James

Question 2: [17] Aristotle argues for the primacy of plot (mythos) over character (________).
Nicomachean EthicsEunoiaEthosRhetoric

Question 3: A character may be based upon a characterological pattern, also known as an ________ or stock character.
ArchetypeLiteratureThe TempestSuperhero

Question 4: [20] All three are central to ________' "Old comedy."[21]
SophoclesAncient GreeceEuripidesAristophanes

Question 5: Ethos, the ancient Greek term for character, as used in ________'s Poetics
Bertrand RussellEmpiricismPlatoAristotle

Question 6: In 1919 ________ identified the first archetypes.
Jungian archetypesCarl JungSigmund FreudAnalytical psychology

Question 7: In the Tractatus coislinianus (which may or may not be by Aristotle), comedy is defined as involving three types of characters: the ________ (bômolochus), the ironist (eirôn) and the imposter or boaster (alazôn).
EnglandJesterUnited KingdomItaly

Question 8: Aristotle defines the six qualitative elements of tragedy as ""[14] (1450a10); the three objects are plot (mythos), character (________), and reasoning (dianoia).
EthosNicomachean EthicsEunoiaRhetoric

Question 9: In Immortality by ________, the author references himself in a storyline seemingly separate from that of his fictional characters, but at the end of the novel, Kundera meets his own characters.
Italo CalvinoVáclav HavelZbigniew HerbertMilan Kundera

Question 10: Some authors have reorganized the information, often blending ________ or recognizing sub-archetypes within Jung's structure.
Jungian archetypesSigmund FreudAnalytical psychologyCarl Jung


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