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Question 1: The channel wing is an aircraft ________ principle developed by Willard Ray Custer in the 1920s.
Wingtip deviceWingLeading edge slatsFlight

Question 2: The CCW-5, which was based on the Baumann Brigadier executive aircraft, is exhibited at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in ________.
North CarolinaPennsylvaniaConnecticutNew Jersey

Question 3: Pictures of the Custer CCW-5 Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, ________
Berks County, PennsylvaniaWyomissing, PennsylvaniaReading, PennsylvaniaAllentown, Pennsylvania

Question 4: In Custers channel wing the rotating ________ will direct a stable stream of air backwards through the channel.
PropellerSteamboatPropeller (aircraft)Jet engine

Question 5: Development of the half-tube channel wing was then refined further, and on November 12 ________ the CCW-1 (Custer Channel Wing 1) airplane was flying for the first time.

Question 6: In a conventional ________ this happens because the stream of air over the wing has a somewhat longer passage, and thus will end up having a higher speed than the air below.
Aviation historyPowered hang gliderGlider (sailplane)Fixed-wing aircraft

Question 7: In ________, Willard Custer had himself observed how very strong winds had managed to lift the roof of a barn.

Question 8: He started studies into this phenomenon, and by ________ he had made the first models of a wing with a half-tube-formed section instead of the usual wing profile.

Question 9: Pictures of the Custer CCW-1 ________
Smithsonian InstitutionSmithsonian Institution BuildingNational Air and Space MuseumHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Question 10: Custer built additional experimental aircraft, the last one was CCW-5, of which a few were manufactured in ________.


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