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Question 1: Transmission medium, for example a ________
SCSIFibre ChannelSerial attached SCSISerial ATA

Question 2: A room in the ________ (IRC) network, in which participants can communicate with each other.
Miranda IMInternet Relay ChatOpera (web browser)Pidgin (software)

Question 3: The model can be a linear or non-linear, time-continuous or time-discrete (sampled), memoryless or dynamic (resulting in burst errors), time-invariant or time-variant (also resulting in burst errors), ________, passband (RF signal model), real-valued or complex-valued signal model.
BasebandModulationModemOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

Question 4: ________, A mathematical theory of communication, Bell System Technical Journal, vol.
Norbert WienerClaude ShannonGeorge DantzigJohn R. Pierce

Question 5: In a communications system, the part that connects a ________ source to a data sink.
Statistical graphicsExperimentDataStatistics

Question 6:
Channel, in communications (sometimes called communications channel), refers to the medium used to convey ________ from a sender (or transmitter) to a receiver.
Artificial intelligenceElectrical engineeringSystems engineeringInformation

Question 7: Modelling of underlying physical layer transmission techniques, for example a complex-valued ________ of modulation and frequency response
BasebandOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingPhase-shift keyingModem

Question 8: ________ consists of unlicensed channels 1-13 from 2412MHz to 2484MHz in 5MHz steps.
BluetoothSatellite Internet accessWiMAXWi-Fi

Question 9: ________ model, which combined with fading results in a time-variant system
StarAstronomyDoppler effectRedshift

Question 10:
  • physical separation, such as by multipair ________ or
    CableCable (disambiguation)Power cableCoaxial cable


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