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Changeup: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, before at least the second half of the twentieth century, the term slow-ball was used to denote pitches not a ________ or breaking ball, which almost always meant a type of changeup.
CurveballFastballKnuckleballSinker (baseball)

Question 2: Other variations include the palmball, forkball, ________ and fosh.
GyroballCircle changeupChangeupFastball

Question 3: Since the rise of Pedro Martínez, a Dominican pitcher whose changeup was one of the tools that led to his three ________ awards, the changeup has become increasingly popular in the Dominican Republic[2].
Babe RuthCy YoungLefty GroveDennis Eckersley

Question 4: The changeup is sometimes called an off-speed pitch, although that term can also be used simply to mean any pitch that is slower than a ________.
Sinker (baseball)CurveballKnuckleballFastball

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