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Chang'an: Quiz


Question 1: Since then, Chang'an city became the Asian gateway to ________ as the point of departure of the famous Silk Road.
Western EuropeEuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 2:

Question 3:
What proceeded Chang'an?

Question 4: A mansion bestowed by the emperor to ________ (who became the most infamous rebel during the Tang era) in 750 that was converted into a Buddhist abbey after his demise.
Li GuangbiYang GuozhongShi SimingAn Lushan

Question 5: In the year 710, ________ had his chief ministers, sons-in-law, and military officers engage in a game of tug of war, and purportedly laughed when the oldest ministers fell over.
Emperor Ruizong of TangChancellor of the Tang DynastyWu ZetianEmperor Zhongzong of Tang

Question 6: It was a time to respect one's ancestors by maintaining their tombs and offering sacrifices, while a ________ would be held later in the day.

Question 7: The home of An Jinzang, who cut his belly open with a knife in order to defend ________ against charges of treason.
Chancellor of the Tang DynastyWu ZetianEmperor Zhongzong of TangEmperor Ruizong of Tang

Question 8: The main office of Chang'an City's ________.

Question 9: Chang'an literally means "Perpetual Peace" in ________.
Chinese languageTaiwanese HokkienClassical ChineseCantonese (Yue)

Question 10: [10] There were six of these major roads that divided the city into 9 distinct gridded sectors (listed below by ________).
Cardinal directionMapCompassNavigation


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