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Question 1:
What office has Chancellor of the Exchequer held?
24th Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Minister of Trade and Industry
23rd Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court

Question 2: The holder of the office of Chancellor is ________ Second Lord of the Treasury.
List of Latin phrases: CList of Latin phrases (full)List of Latin phrases: EList of Latin phrases: A

Question 3: The Chancellor also has oversight of ________ across Government departments.
Public financeCentral bankGovernment spendingGovernment debt

Question 4: Although the ________ is responsible for setting interest rates, the Chancellor also plays an important part in the monetary policy structure.
European Central BankGreater LondonBank of EnglandPound sterling

Question 5: Traditionally the budget speech was delivered on ________, a Tuesday (although not always) in March, as Britain's tax year follows the Julian Calendar.
Harold MacmillanBudget DayMargaret ThatcherUnited Kingdom

Question 6: The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the title held by the British Cabinet minister who is responsible for all ________ and financial matters.
EconomyEconomicsMercantilismKeynesian economics

Question 7: In 1997, the then First and Second Lords, Tony Blair and ________ respectively, swapped apartments, as the Chancellor's apartment in No.
Labour Party (UK)Gordon BrownHugh GaitskellJames Callaghan

Question 8: In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was common for the Prime Minister to also serve as Chancellor of the Exchequer if he sat in the Commons; the last Chancellor who was simultaneously Prime Minister & ________ was Stanley Baldwin in 1923.
Prime Minister of the United KingdomFirst Lord of the TreasuryLeader of the House of CommonsSecretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Question 9: The Chancellor controlled monetary policy as well as fiscal policy until 1997, when the ________ was granted independent control of its interest rates.
Greater LondonBank of EnglandPound sterlingEuropean Central Bank

Question 10: The current Chancellor of the Exchequer is ________.
Kenneth ClarkeGordon BrownJohn MajorAlistair Darling


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