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Question 1: [7] Chanakya was a teacher at Takshashila monastery and was responsible for the creation of ________, the first of its kind on the Indian subcontinent.
Kushan EmpireChola DynastyMaurya EmpirePala Empire

Question 2: Two books are attributed to Chanakya: ________ and Neetishastra which is also known as Chanakya Niti.
TaxilaMax WeberArthashastraMaurya Empire

Question 3: According to Jaina accounts[15] Chānakya was born in the village of Caṇaka in the Golla district to Caṇin and Caṇeśvarī, a ________ couple[14].
Sakaldwipiya HistoryShakdvipaKambojasSakaldwipiya

Question 4: In his ________, Chanakya has discussed widely various economic issues.
TaxilaMax WeberArthashastraMaurya Empire

Question 5: Chānakya adds poison to the food eaten by ________, now king, in order to make him immune.
Seleucid EmpireMaurya EmpireIndo-GreeksChandragupta Maurya

Question 6: A drop (bindu in ________) of poison had passed to the baby's head, and hence Chanakya named him Bindusara.

Question 7: Chānakya (________: चाणक्य Cāṇakya) (c.

Question 8: There is also a claim that Chanakya belonged to the Brahmin group from the present day ________.
Kochi, IndiaKeralaThiruvananthapuramMalayali

Question 9: [2] Chanakya has been considered as the pioneer of the field of economics and political science, having first written about the subject a millennium and a half before ________'s Muqaddimah.
Early Islamic philosophyIbn KhaldunIslamic philosophyAverroes

Question 10: Chozhiars, a sub-sect of ________, hold that Chanakya was one of them.
IyerMadras PresidencyTamil NaduTamil people


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