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Chamorro language: Quiz


Question 1: Chamorro reference grammar. Honolulu: ________.
Asian PerspectivesJapanManoa (journal)University of Hawaii Press

Question 2: Chamorro (natively known as Chamoru) is a Malayo-Polynesian (________) language, spoken on the Mariana islands (Guam, Rota, Tinian, and Saipan) by about 47,000 people (about 35,000 people on Guam and about 12,000 in the N.
Austronesian languagesHmong-Mien languagesMayan languagesSino-Tibetan languages

Question 3: Chamorro is an agglutinative language, grammatically allowing root words to be modified by a number of ________.
AffixInflectionHalkomelem languageSimulfix


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