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Chameleon (comics): Quiz


Question 1: However, the Chameleon was dealt a most humiliating defeat at the hands of Spider-Man's ________, when he attempted to trick her into believing he was Peter, then murder her.
Aunt MayJ. Jonah JamesonSandman (Marvel Comics)Doctor Octopus

Question 2: While delivering the documents and a shrunken Hulk to ________, he was encountered and defeated by the real Pym as Ant-Man.
S.H.I.E.L.D.Wolverine (comics)HYDRASecret War (comics)

Question 3:
What powers does Chameleon (comics) have?
Matter manipulation
Ability to mimic any human appearance
Generates high heated plasma,
A fast pair of legs for a swift getaway!

Question 4: The Chameleon's first animated appearance was in the Iron Man segment of ________ episode "Cliffs Of Doom", and The Incredible Hulk episode "Enter The Chameleon".
Jack KirbyThe Super Hero Squad ShowThe Marvel Super HeroesStan Lee

Question 5:
What was Chameleon (comics) allied to?
International Contractors Unlimited
I: Injustice Gang of the World, The Society, Suicide Squad
Squadron Supreme

Question 6:
When did Chameleon (comics) make his debut?
Amazing Spider-Man #4
The Amazing Spider-Man, #138
Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #46

Question 7:
Who created Chameleon (comics)?

Question 8:
What company publishes Chameleon (comics)?

Question 9: The Chameleon next appeared in the newest incarnation of Super Villain Team-Up, called ________'s Eleven.
Avengers (comics)Jack KirbyMODOKAdvanced Idea Mechanics

Question 10: Osborn has him impersonate J. Jonah Jameson in order to eliminate ________ and set a trap for Spider-Man.
Enforcers (comics)Kingpin (comics)Ben UrichMysterio


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