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Question 1: Chamber was the one student to be offered a place on the X-Men by ________, but apparently failed to join the group when expected.
Professor XIceman (comics)Beast (comics)Namor

Question 2: In the ________ timeline, Chamber was a much different person from his mainstream counterpart.
House of MDecimation (comics)X-MenAge of Apocalypse

Question 3: He was the leader of Generation Next under the training of Shadowcat and Colossus, who had rescued Chamber from ________, one of Apocalypse's Horsemen.
X-MenStorm (Marvel Comics)Warren Worthington IIIMikhail Rasputin

Question 4: Following the warping of reality by the ________, Jono was one of the many mutants who were depowered when reality was restored.
Stan LeeScarlet WitchQuicksilver (comics)Wolverine (comics)

Question 5: Jono yet again resurfaced, now using the codename Decibel as a member of Night Thrasher's most recent incarnation of the ________.
Decimation (comics)New WarriorsCivil War (comics)Nova (comics)

Question 6: This is further supported by the fact that Jono is immune to the "Death Factor" of ________, meaning that he is not sustained by "life force".
Sabretooth (comics)Omega RedSilver SamuraiX-23

Question 7: Following a strained time on the X-men, Chamber investigated the apparent murders of mutant students at ________[5] on their behalf.
Stan LeeEmpire State UniversityMan-ThingSpider-Man

Question 8: Jonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore, better known as Decibel or Chamber, is a fictional character, a ________ superhero associated with the X-Men and the New Warriors.
Marvel AnimationMarvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel Comics

Question 9: Due to the events of ________, Jono had been depowered.
Stan LeeHouse of MCivil War (comics)The New Avengers (comics)

Question 10: As a result of his disfiguration, Jono can only speak via ________.
Cold readingClairvoyanceTelepathyExtrasensory perception


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