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Cham people: Quiz


Question 1: In Cambodia, the Chams are 90% Muslim, as are the Utsuls of ________.
BeijingHainanYunnanHong Kong

Question 2: ________ is performed not physically, but symbolically, whith a religious leader making the gestures of circumcision with a wooden toy knife.
CircumcisionReligious male circumcisionCircumcision and HIVPenis

Question 3: The Cham experienced genocide under the ________.
Pol PotSon SenKhmer RougeCambodia

Question 4: The Cham people (Vietnamese: người Chăm or người Chàm, Cham: ) are an ethnic group in ________.
SingaporeSoutheast AsiaMalaysiaPhilippines

Question 5: Most of the Cham Hindus belong to the Nagavamshi Kshatriya caste[7], but a considerable minority are ________.
BiharBhumiharBrahminUttar Pradesh

Question 6: Jarai, Acehnese people, Malays (ethnic group) and other ________ of Southeast Asia.
Austronesian peoplesNew CaledoniaPalauTuvalu

Question 7: Approximately 4,000 Chams also live in Thailand; many of whom have moved south to the ________, Narathiwat, Yala, and Songkhla Provinces for work.
Phatthalung ProvinceSatun ProvinceNakhon Si Thammarat ProvincePattani Province

Question 8: At its height in the 9th century, the kingdom controlled the lands between Hue, in central Annam, to the Mekong Delta in ________.
CochinchinaAnnam (French protectorate)Colonial CambodiaFrench Indochina

Question 9: As a consequence, the last Champa Muslim king, Pô Chien, decided to gather his people (those on the mainland) and migrate south to ________, while those along the coastline migrated to Trengganu (Malaysia).
CambodiaCanadaPapua New GuineaVietnam

Question 10: Between the rise of the ________ around 800 and Vietnam's territorial push to the south, the Champa kingdom began to diminish.
AngkorCambodiaAngkor WatKhmer Empire


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