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Chalumeau: Quiz


Question 1: This baroque chalumeau represents the link between the ________ and the clarinet, and is essentially a cylindrical bore recorder with a mouthpiece like that of a clarinet and two additional "throat" keys controlling notes at the top of the fundamental register.
RecorderBassoonCor anglais (English horn)Oboe

Question 2: Today, the band ________ has three chalumeau players: Marco Ernst-Felix Zorzytzky, Andre Strugalla, Boris Pfeiffer.
Sünder ohne ZügelIn ExtremoMedieval metalVerehrt und Angespien

Question 3: Both the improvement of the chalumeau and the invention of the clarinet have been attributed to Johann Christoph Denner of ________, although his contributions are uncertain and in particular the clarinet may have been an invention of his son Jacob Denner.

Question 4: The chalumeau continued to develop for several decades alongside the clarinet, and it has a large repertoire in 18th century orchestral and ________.
Chamber musicSonataClassical musicString quartet


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