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Question 1: [53][54] Pulakesi II extended the Chalukya Empire up to the northern extents of the Pallava kingdom and halted the southward march of ________ by defeating him on the banks of the river Narmada.
Pala EmpireHarshaEastern ChalukyasGupta Empire

Question 2: [82][83] They went into their final dissolution towards the end of the 12th century with the rise of the ________, the Pandyas, the Kakatiya and the Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri.
Western Chalukya EmpireWestern Ganga DynastyHoysala EmpireRashtrakuta Dynasty

Question 3: Initially, the Eastern Chalukyas had encouraged Kannada language and literature, though, after a period of time, local factors took over and they gave importance to ________.
Tamil languageMalayalamTelugu languageSanskrit

Question 4: [117] Other notable constructions are the Dodda Basappa Temple at Dambal (Gadag district),[118] the Siddhesvara Temple at Haveri (Haveri district),[119] and the Amrtesvara Temple at Annigeri (________).
North KarnatakaDharwad districtKarnatakaHubballi

Question 5: The Chalukyas took control of the territory formerly ruled by the ________.
Rashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga DynastyChalukya dynastyKadamba Dynasty

Question 6: Kannada literature, which had enjoyed royal support in the 9th century Rashtrakuta court found eager patronage from the Western Chalukyas in the ________ and Veerashaiva traditions.
HinduismIndian religionsJainismJain philosophy

Question 7: Queen Vinayavati consecrated a temple for the ________ ("Hindu trinity") at Badami.
TrimurtiHindu deitiesHanumanShaktism

Question 8: Badami, Aihole, Kurtukoti and Puligere (modern Lakshmeshwar in the ________) were primary places of learning.
Gadag-BetigeriSudiNorth KarnatakaGadag district

Question 9: [97] The building material they used was a reddish-golden ________ found locally.
GreywackeGeologySandstoneSedimentary rock

Question 10: Sage Bharata's Natyashastra, the precursor to ________, the classical dance of South India, was popular and is seen in many sculptures and is mentioned in inscriptions.
Carnatic musicKathakaliIndian classical danceBharatanatyam


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