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Question 1: Challenger sailed close to ________, but not within sight of it.
Kalahari DesertAtacama DesertAntarcticaDesert

Question 2: The Challenger expedition of 1872-76 was a scientific exercise that made many discoveries to lay the foundation of ________.
HydrologyPhysical oceanographyCoastal geographyOceanography

Question 3: Challenger returned to Spithead, ________, on 24 May 1876, having spent 713 days at sea out of the intervening 1,606.

Question 4: The name of the Challenger was applied to such varied phenomena as the ________, the Challenger Society for Marine Science, and the Space Shuttle Challenger.
Challenger DeepBathyscaphe TriesteBathyscapheMariana Trench

Question 5: As recently as the late 19th century, human knowledge of the oceans was confined to topmost few ________ of the water and a small amount of the bottom, mainly in shallow areas.
FathomPolish languageDutch languageGerman language


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