Chaldean Catholic Church: Quiz

Question 1: It spread from Aqrah up to Seert and Nisibis, covering in the South the rich plain of ________.
IraqMosulKurdish peopleBaghdad

Question 2: He was granted the title of "Patriarch of Mosul and Athur (________)", a title soon changed in "Patriarch of the Chaldeans"[4].
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaSumerAssyria

Question 3: In 1846 the Chaldean Church was recognized by the ________ as a millet, a distinctive religious community within the Empire, thus obtaining its civic emancipation[6].
TurkeyTurkish peopleIstanbulOttoman Empire

Question 4: The Josephite line merged in 1830 with the Alqosh patriarchate that in the meantime entered in ________ with Rome.
Eastern Catholic ChurchesFull communionCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 5: In 1681 the ________ granted him the title of "Patriarch of the Chaldeans deprived of its patriarch".
St. Peter's BasilicaHoly SeeCatholic ChurchPope

Question 6: Archbishop ________ and three companions were abducted on 29 February 2008, Mosul, Iraq and murdered few days later.
Paulos Faraj RahhoChaldean Catholic ChurchIraq WarChaldean Christians

Question 7: The Roman Catholic Church's relations with the ________ have improved in recent years.
Assyrian Church of the EastSyriac Orthodox ChurchSyriac ChristianitySaint Thomas Christians

Question 8: Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni was killed on 3 June 2007 in ________, Iraq alongside the subdeacons Basman Yousef Daud, Wahid Hanna Isho, and Gassan Isam Bidawed
MosulKurdish peopleBaghdadIran

Question 9: The patriarchate of the present-day ________, with its See in Chicago, forms the continuation of this line[5].
Saint Thomas ChristiansAssyrian Church of the EastSyriac ChristianitySyriac Orthodox Church

Question 10: The ancient history of the Chaldean Church is the history the ________.
Church of the EastHistory of the Orthodox ChurchEastern ChristianityAssyrian Church of the East

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