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Question 1: Chaitra (Hindi: चैत cait Marathi चैत्र caitr, Tamil: சித்திரை chithirai, Malayalam: ചൈത്രം chaitram) is a month of the ________.
Hindu calendarTamil calendarThai solar calendarBengali calendar

Question 2: The month of Chaitra is also associated with the coming of Spring, since ________, the spring festival of colour, is celebrated on the eve of Chaitra (namely, the last day of Phalgun month).
DiwaliDurga PujaMakar SankrantiHoli

Question 3: In solar religious calendars, Chaitra begins with the ________'s entry into Pisces, and is usually the last month of the year.
SunEarthStarSolar System

Question 4: It begins in March or April of the ________, depending upon the position of planet system.
Islamic calendarJulian calendarGregorian calendarTime

Question 5: Other important festivals in the month are; Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Ram celebrated on the 9th day of Chaitra, and ________ Jayanthi that falls on the last day (purnima) of Chaitra.
Jatayu (Ramayana)RamayanaSitaHanuman

Question 6: The first of Chaitra – is celebrated as new year's day, known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Chaitrai Vishu in Tamil Nadu[1] and Ugadi in Karnataka and ________.
GunturTelanganaHyderabad, IndiaAndhra Pradesh

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