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Question 1: Chain stitch was the stitch used by early ________; however, as it is easily unraveled from fabric, this was soon replaced with the more secure lockstitch.
DarningSewing machineBlanket stitchButton

Question 2: [1] Chain stitch is an ancient craft - examples of surviving Chinese chain stitch embroidery worked in silk thread have been dated to the ________ (5th-3rd century BC).
Zhou DynastyWarring States PeriodQin (state)Spring and Autumn Period

Question 3: Chain stitches are also used in making tambour lace, needlelace, macramé and ________.
CrochetEmbroideryKnittingSpinning (textiles)

Question 4: Chain stitch is a sewing and ________ technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern.
Canvas workNeedlepointEmbroideryWeaving

Question 5: ________ in chain stitch, often in traditional hand-worked crewel designs, is found on curtains, bed linens, and upholstery fabrics.
Sashiko stitchingBackstitchEmbroidery stitchMachine embroidery

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