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Chain letter: Quiz


Question 1: This letter started in ________ in 1935, based on an earlier luck letter.
BostonColorado Springs, ColoradoPhoenix, ArizonaDenver

Question 2: [5] Some threaten users with ________ if not forwarded.
AtheismLuckMagic (paranormal)Faith

Question 3: A discussion of the history and various types of chain letters (from ________)
Barack ObamaSnopes.comFox News ChannelGeorge W. Bush

Question 4: Platforms like ________, YouTube and Myspace can host chain letters playing with users' emotions.

Question 5: Mon cher Mustapha letter - a chain letter used as a form of ________
Black propagandaDonald SegrettiRichard NixonFalse flag

Question 6: [6] Another common form of email chain letter is the ________.
MacintoshComputer virusVirus hoaxMalware

Question 7: ________ - a chain-letter-like means of publishing and distributing forbidden material under Soviet rule
Vladimir BukovskySamizdatEastern Bloc information disseminationJoseph Stalin

Question 8: Another involved an email involving a homicidal ________, who will intrude the recipient's domain to kill him or her unless sent to the number of recipients (25).
Minnie MouseDaisy DuckDonald DuckMickey Mouse

Question 9: Chain letters have become widespread on MySpace (in the form of myspace bulletins) and YouTube (in the form of video comments) as well as on ________ through messages or applications.

Question 10: One chain letter distributed on MSN ________ began, "Hey it's Tara and John the directors of MSN"...
HotmailWindows LiveMicrosoft OfficeInternet Explorer


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