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Question 1: Former ________ star Wade Boggs drew a Chai in the dirt before each at-bat.
BaseballBaseball awardsTown ballSoftball

Question 2: This was the first Sabbath ceremony openly conducted on German soil since the beginning of the war, with people still dying around them, singing what would become the Israeli national anthem, ________.
HatikvahAzat u ankakh Artsakhİstiklâl MarşıMawtini

Question 3: See also the article about "Etz Chaim", meaning "________" for more related information.
World treeTree worshipTree of lifeMesoamerican world tree

Question 4: [citation needed] ________ wore a Chai necklace while performing toward the end of his life.
Elvis PresleyHeartbreak HotelDon't Be CruelHound Dog (song)

Question 5: At the end of ________, a man shouts out, "Am Yisrael Chai, The children of Israel still living!." [3]
Azat u ankakh Artsakhİstiklâl MarşıHatikvahMawtini

Question 6: Jewish poker pro ________ can usually be seen wearing a gold Chai necklace.
Erick LindgrenMike MatusowPhil IveyAllen Cunningham

Question 7: Chai (Hebrew pronunciation: [χai], occasionally [ħai]) is a symbol and word that figures prominently in Jewish culture and consists of the letters of the ________ Chet (ח) and Yod (י).
Hebrew languagePaleo-Hebrew alphabetHebrew phonologyHebrew alphabet

Question 8: The Chai symbol is often worn by Jews as a medallion around the neck (along with the ________ (Magen David), Mezuzah and the Hamsa).
The HolocaustStar of DavidHexagramKabbalah

Question 9: The biblical ________'s name is Chava in Hebrew, also derived from same root as chai.
EveAdamLilithAdam and Eve

Question 10: There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that, according to the system of ________, the letters of chai add up to 18 (see "Lamedvavniks" etc.).
Hebrew numeralsGematriaDream questionNumerology


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