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Question 1: It has been hypothesized that ________ might have suffered from Chagas disease as a result of a bite of the so-called Great Black Bug of the Pampas (vinchuca) (see Charles Darwin's illness).
EvolutionCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin's religious views

Question 2: Attempts to test Darwin's remains at the Westminster Abbey by using modern ________ techniques were met with a refusal by the Abbey's curator.
Real-time polymerase chain reactionReverse transcription polymerase chain reactionDNAPolymerase chain reaction

Question 3: The symptomatic chronic stage affects the nervous system, ________ and heart.
DigestionStomachImmune systemEndocrine system

Question 4: The primary wildlife reservoirs for Trypanosoma cruzi in the United States include opossums, raccoons, ________, squirrels, woodrats and mice.

Question 5: Chagas disease at the ________
Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Time Warner

Question 6: [21] The antifungal agent ________ has been proposed as a second-line treatment, but the high cost and relatively high toxicity of the drug have limited its use.
NystatinMiconazoleNatamycinAmphotericin B

Question 7: The episode was reported by Darwin in his diaries of the Voyage of the Beagle as occurring in March 1835 to the east of the ________ near Mendoza.
Gran ChacoGeographyPhysical geographyAndes

Question 8: [2] A small percentage of individuals develop various neurological disorders, including ________.
DementiaAlzheimer's diseaseParkinson's diseaseHuntington's disease

Question 9: The human disease occurs in two stages: an acute stage, which occurs shortly after an initial ________, and a chronic stage that develops over many years.
PneumoniaPathogenic bacteriaInfectionPathology

Question 10: Alternatively diagnosis and strain identification can be made using ________ (PCR).
DNAPolymerase chain reactionReal-time polymerase chain reactionReverse transcription polymerase chain reaction


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