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Chaff: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ chaff is used as livestock fodder, or is a waste material ploughed into the soil or burnt.
Organic farmingAgricultureIntensive farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 2: For example, in wild species of wheat and in the primitive domesticated einkorn,[2] ________[3] and spelt[4] wheats, the grains are hulled – the husks enclose each seed tightly.
Einkorn wheatEmmerCommon wheatDurum

Question 3: "Chaff" comes from ________ chaf, from Old English ceaf; related to Old High German cheva meaning husk.
Great Vowel ShiftOld NorseGothic languageMiddle English

Question 4: In contrast, in free-threshing (or naked) forms such as ________ and common wheat, the glumes are fragile, and on threshing the chaff easily breaks up, releasing the grains.
SpeltDurumEinkorn wheatBread


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