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Chaetognatha: Quiz


Question 1: The conodonts themselves, however, are thought to be related to the ________.

Question 2: [4] Some species are known to use the neurotoxin ________ to subdue prey.

Question 3: The trunk bears one or two pairs of lateral fins incorporating structures superficially similar to the ________ of fish.
Fish anatomyPelagic fishGillPrehistoric fish

Question 4: Chaetognatha, meaning hair-jaws, and commonly known as arrow worms, are a phylum of predatory marine worms that are a major component of ________ worldwide.
PlanktonPrimary productionPhytoplanktonZooplankton

Question 5: Chaetognaths have two compound eyes, each comprised of a number of pigment-cup ________ fused together.
AntArthropodSimple eyes in arthropodsStrepsiptera

Question 6: [2] At least one species of chaetognath, Caecosagitta macrocephala, has ________ organs on its lateral fins.
Vibrio fischeriCnidariaKrillBioluminescence

Question 7: ________ places them in the protostomes in his Six Kingdom classification.
Thomas Cavalier-SmithFungusAnimalProtist

Question 8: Materials are moved about the body cavity by ________.

Question 9: [13] Chaetognaths appear to have originated in the ________ Period.
CambrianGeologic time scaleCambrian explosionDevonian

Question 10: All chaetognaths are ________, preying on other planktonic animals.

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