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Chad of Mercia: Quiz


Question 1: A grant of land by ________ in 736[15] to one Cyneberht[22] is generally accepted as the origin of the settlement.
Æthelbald of MerciaOswiu of NorthumbriaÆthelred of MerciaOffa of Mercia

Question 2: However, the name Chad is actually of British Celtic, rather than ________ origin.
SaxonsAnglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesAngles

Question 3: The central contest of Chad's lifetime was between Northumbria and ________.
WessexShropshireMerciaEnglish Midlands

Question 4: Penda, the pagan king of ________, continually campaigned against Northumbrian rulers, usually with the support of the Christian Welsh princes.
MerciaShropshireWessexEnglish Midlands

Question 5: Chad also gives his name to the parish church of ________ (with St Chad's well where, traditionally, Chad baptised converts: now a listed building).

Question 6: Chad died on 2 March 672, and was buried at the Church of ________ which later became part of the cathedral at Lichfield.
JesusSaint StephenBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Blessed Virgin Mary

Question 7: Christianity in Britain and Ireland largely progressed through royal ________, while kings increasingly used the Church to stabilize and to confer legitimacy on their fragile states.
FlorencePatronageAncient historyRenaissance

Question 8: Chad or ________ would not normally evolve into Kidder.
Paulinus of YorkChad of MerciaWilfridArchbishop of York

Question 9: Lindsey, meaning more or less the whole of modern ________ was under Mercian control, although it had in the past sometimes fallen under Northumbrian control.
Lincoln, LincolnshireNorthamptonshireGrimsbyLincolnshire

Question 10: ________, probably the elder brother, had become a very prominent figure in the Church while Chad was in Ireland.
William LaudDunstanCeddMellitus


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